Greek/Lebanese Green Beans

Greek/Lebanese Green Beans

I'm sure some of you guys don't even need a recipe for this one, but I wanted to share because this recipe is crazy simple, filling, and of course, Lenten. 


So in case you haven't seen a theme here, we're trying to keep these recipes

1. delicious for the kiddos,

2. Simple by using as few ingredients as possible, 

3. filling and nutritious. We are trying to avoid your kids needing a snack break every hour. Cause to me, that seems to defeat the point of the fast. 



I also wanted to take the time today to add a little note reminding everyone that this is a judgement-free zone. It's between you, your family, and your spiritual father to decide what is the best way to go about the fast. Plus, there is a HUGE learning curve for the Lenten fast... I'm not just talking about the food part. I've heard several priests say that it took them nearly 10 years before they could fast "completely". That was a nice reality check for me.  

Full disclosure: I am not doing the full fast since I'm nursing, but I'm trying my best and will maybe have one meal a week that's non-lenten. I can be kind of legalistic and tend to overdo the fast, especially since I've only been at this for 4 years now. I call it "that convert zeal"! Because of this, I've learned so much from listening and heeding the advice of other people in the parish (for me, talking with moms who've been pregnant/breastfed before has really helped), who keep me in check, keep me from getting sick (most of the time), and cope with my stubbornness - ha! Also, shout out to my mother-in-law, the Gypsy, who two years ago, basically made me eat a burrito during the fast when I was pregnant and still trying to fast. You've really helped me keep things in perspective. I learned a lot from that moment. 

I told you, I'm stubborn. I''m working on it. Love to you all! My God bless us all this lent as we struggle together to grow closer to him by overcoming our desires and negative habits. 

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